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This section includes cleaning brushes for wheels, chain, bodywork, sponges, buckets and other accessories for all your cleaning needs.

Oxford Brush and scrub set£ 15.29
Oxford Brush and scrub set  
Includes 4 different brushes to clean your bike.

Oxford 20L Wash Bucket £ 13.49
Oxford 20L Wash Bucket   
Includes grit guard.

Oxford Bucket bag£ 11.69
Oxford Bucket bag  
12l collapsible bucket. Excludes contents as shown.

Oxford Chain brush£ 10.79
Oxford Chain brush  
Multi-faced brush for faster cleaning.

Oxford Triple brush set£ 8.99
Oxford Triple brush set  
Three brush set including wheely clean, claw brush and prong brush.

Oxford Super drying towel£ 6.29
Oxford Super drying towel  
Microfibre towel for drying, lint and streak free.

Oxford Bag of Rags£ 6.29
Oxford Bag of Rags  
A variety of cloths for many uses around the home, garage or workshop.

Oxford Microfibre towels ( pack of 6 )£ 6.29
Oxford Microfibre towels ( pack of 6 )  
Microfibre towels have many uses around the workshop. Ideal for cleaning, polishing and wiping up spillages. Multi-coloured so ...

Oxford Microfibre noodle sponge£ 5.39
Oxford Microfibre noodle sponge  
Microfibre wash pad with elasticated strap to make it easy to grip.

Oxford Ultra soft microfibre towels£ 5.39
Oxford Ultra soft microfibre towels  
Pack of 6 ultra soft microfibre towels.

Oxford Wheely clean£ 4.49
Oxford Wheely clean  
Large wheel cleaning brush.

Oxford Big Softie cleaning brush£ 4.49
Oxford Big Softie cleaning brush  
Large soft cleaning brush.

Oxford Prong cleaning brush£ 3.59
Oxford Prong cleaning brush  
Forked cleaning brush.

Oxford Applicator sponge£ 3.59
Oxford Applicator sponge  
Super soft 100% polyester cloth covered sponge.

Oxford Double stubble cleaning brush£ 3.59
Oxford Double stubble cleaning brush  
Double density cleaning brush ideal for use on wheels.

Oxford Wash Mitt£ 3.59
Oxford Wash Mitt  
Soft and absorbent for gentle cleaning.

Oxford Tyre scrub£ 3.59
Oxford Tyre scrub  
Tyre cleaning brush.

Oxford Claw brush£ 3.59
Oxford Claw brush  
Chaindrive cleaning tool.

Oxford Jumbo sponge£ 1.79
Oxford Jumbo sponge  
Perfect for use in numerous applications including motorcycle, bicycle, car, boat, and in the home.

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